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Rubber Mat for your Ride

Having a rubber mat for your car provides ease in terms of cleaning. If you have a Saturn car, saturn rubber mats are perfect for you. When you live in  places like Alabama where there are many dirt roads, most likely that you will attract a lot of dirt in your car from your shoes. With the use of rubber mats, it is easier for you to just sweep your car up. Rubber mats are more practical for your car than having a carpet floor.  So, accessorize your Saturn ride with the best rubber mats and you will find it very easy to clean.

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Fish Consumption Advisory

Studies suggest mercury has significant effects on the cardiovascular system, and can cause problems with blood pressure and neurological functions. Because of excessive levels of mercury found in some fish species, the Alabama Department of Public Health recently announced new consumption advisories that are now in effect in Mobile County and off its coastline.

Hubby has been very concern about this report because we do fish a lot and we always get bass. Repeated testing has shown that bass in south Alabama has a high level of mercury content.

The new advisories from the state include:

*Big Creek Reservoir: Limit consumption of largemouth bass to one serving per month.

*Chickasaw Creek: Consume no largemouth bass.

*Cold Creek Swamp from confluence of Cold Creek with the Mobile River west through the swamp: Consume no fish.

*Fowl River: Consume no largemouth bass.

*Gulf Coast: Men should not eat king mackerel that are longer than 39 inches and should limit their consumption of king mackerel under 39 inches to one serving per month. Women of childbearing age, pregnant women and children less than 15 years old should not consume king mackerel.

*Mobile River at and south of the confluence with Cold Creek: Large mouth bass consumption should be limited to two 6-ounce servings per month.

You can read the complete report of Alabama Department of Public Health 2011 Fish Consumption Advisories at

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Reconnecting with my friends

We were four in the group. We were best friends in College. That was 15 years ago. We were having a great time and enjoying college life together. Year 1997, we parted ways. We graduated from a 2 year diploma course. I went to the big city to work and further my education. They stayed in school and finished 4 year degrees.

We lost in touch. But somehow we found a way to reconnect. Sadly, we lost contact with Susan. We haven’t heard from her for 14 years. It was just few weeks ago that we reconnected again, thanks to Facebook. Now that we have reconnected, I plan to do conference calls as often as possible. All 4 of us are in different countries. Gloria in Philippines, Aisa in Singapore, Susan in Hongkong and myself in USA.  I am sure that rekindling our friendship will be very fun.

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Dealing with my baby going off to college

I guess that all moms have to deal with their children growing up, but I don’t’ think that makes it any easier on us! I’ve just kind of pretended that I haven’t had to deal with this until the past year or so. Now I’m facing it straight on. In just a week and a half my oldest daughter is going to be starting her first day of college classes and I think that I’m even more nervous about it than she is.

We were checking online together to confirm the move in times and parking information a few weeks ago. Then we started looking at some general college tips. After we looked through some of those, we ran across the site ONce I looked through it some I made the switch over to it from our old home internet service.

I think that she’s going to do such a great job as a college student. She’s signed up for a couple of classes and she’s always been more organized than me, so I think that I don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to her handling all of her schoolwork. I’m just worried that she’s going to love college too much and never come home to visit!


Guest post written by Jackie Hulligan

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Alabama’s Most Walkable Cities

According to (Walk Score measures the ability of people to walk from their homes to nearby amenities), these are the list of Alabama’s Most Walkable Cities:

  • Homewood
  • Birmingham
  • Florence
  • Selma
  • Mobile
  • Auburn
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Decatur
  • Montgomery
  • Vestavia Hills